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Greetings from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

Thank you for visiting Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City. Outdoor lighting is all we do, but we don’t provide just lights, we work with you to custom design a lighting system that meets your specific needs. Whether you’re looking to illuminate your home in the evening, light your pathways and driveways to provide better safety or create a relaxing oasis in your backyard, we’ll help you determine the right outdoor lights, create a custom design plan and professionally install your system so you’re sure to enjoy your Kansas City space night after night. Get to know your new outdoor lighting professional and our work.

Get to know your outdoor lighting professionals.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City is the areas premier outdoor lighting company. Our response time, level of service and maintenance plans, strong guarantees and attention to detail is unmatched. We specialize in illuminating the Kansas City architectural styles as well as providing custom lighting designs for your outdoor living spaces, your pool area or water feature, deck, garden, landscaping and so much more.


Architectural outdoor lighting illuminates your home and our experience lets us design an outdoor lighting plan to enhance the look, feel and size of your home but highlighting the textures, colors and architectural details.


Landscape lighting brings your trees, gardens, shrubs, flowers, pathways and water features to life at night.


Our deck and patio lighting, along with a custom design just right for your home, will allow you to use these areas of your home long after the sun goes down.

You are only a click away from more information on our high quality outdoor lighting fixtures and custom designs. We offer both energy-efficient LED lighting fixtures as well as low voltage halogen lights. The effect of our lighting fixtures and our designs is second to none.

Give us a call today at 913-859-9150 to arrange a free design consultation. We look forward to working with you.

John Bruce, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City

Satisfied customers: The strongest proof of our performance

It’s one thing to say “The Night Is Ours.” It’s far more convincing to hear what our customers are saying about us. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we’re proud of our success in achieving customer satisfaction and honored to be considered a Best in Class company in the outdoor lighting industry. We’d like to share a few of the many testimonials we’ve received from delighted customers. Nothing would please us more than having you included in this very satisfied group.

We had about 12-14 accent lights installed outside the home. The experience was very good overall. The technicians did an excellent and professional job. They’re on the upper end of the price range, but the work is good. We had some issues, which they quickly responded to and fixed. I’m happy with their services.

Kendall M., Overland Park

They replaced, repositioned and repaired our outdoor low-voltage lighting that I had some issues with. They also reran the wires as well. They’re a very good company to work with! They’re reliable, quick to respond, and provide high quality work. It’s been a great experience with them overall.

Karen K., Kansas City

We had some repairs that needed to be corrected, which they took care of. They installed a transformer for some low-voltage lighting and ran some wiring as well. The experience was very good. Their price was fair. The technician was very conscientious and did a good job!

Pat C., Kansas City

They installed landscape lighting both from the ground as well as in some trees that were planted on a slope. Since then, we’ve changed a little bit of our landscaping, which required some change in lighting that they took care of. The experience was very good overall. They seemed to really know their work and were really good with staying within our budget. They really showed us how to maximize what we had to give our yard a nice aesthetic appeal. They were very good with their pricing. They were also were incredibly responsive to our needs, if anything happened once the work was done. When we added some lighting, it required an additional electrical box. Rather than installing the same sized box, the technician recommended a smaller one, because he did some re-wiring for us that allowed us to get a much less expensive box, but still the same quality. They really help you as a home owner to save money where money can be saved. I’m happy with their services.

Michael H., Olathe

They installed some outdoor lighting, both in the front and the back of the home. They also replaced some lighting that was already there. We were able to save some of the equipment from that earlier installation. The work was beautifully done. Based on what we had paid for the earlier installation, the price seemed fair. They had to make some adjustments in the placement of the lights, so a technician was sent out a day later. In the spring, we’ll have some fine-tuning done (redirecting some of the lights on the ground). The owner himself supervised the installation. We’re very pleased with the work!

Kathryn G., Lees Summit

I was very pleased with their work. The technicians were incredibly responsive to what it was that I wanted to have done. They made some terrific suggestions on how to upgrade and expand from what we were installing, if we wanted to do so later on, but they were not trying to up sell me in any way. It was nice to know that they were being proactive in thinking long term! They really did a fantastic job.

Yreka S., Olathe

We were looking for accent lighting for security and aesthetic effect. When we met with John Bruce and his colleagues at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we knew we had found a professional team that took our vision to heart and made it a reality.

Waldo J., Parkville

I highly recommend this company. They are professional and easy to work with. They listen to your needs and do excellent work throughout the project.

Anne L., Kansas City

Quick, no-nonsense and really had a grasp of quality lighting.

David H., Kansas City

An easy experience. Beautiful lighting. Professional staff.

Andrea E., Kansas City

IThanks for the great lights….Our house is the talk of the neighborhood!

Carol H., Shawnee

John Bruce and his team are second to none. They deliver quality lighting products with professional installation all at affordable pricing. Have John show your home, it can be the talk of your neighborhood by some simple lighting effects.

Dan D., Overland Park

Thank you for your wonderful customer service.

Phillip W., Belton

Great customer service. I appreciate the new ownership. You ROCK!

Sara R., Prairie Village

You are 1 of 5 different home improvement companies I’m working with right now. I have a handy-man that I’ve been waiting for over a month to do some work. We are looking at installing a pool and been waiting for pool plans for over 6-weeks. We are working with a landscaper who will work on the landscape / outdoor kitchen for the pool who was supposed to provide plans a week ago, Monday. And we are working with a deck guy who is supposed to rebuild our deck and install a fireplace / grill on our screened porch. These guys show up, seem to have good intentions and then I don’t hear from them again.I just want you to know, business owner to business owner that I really appreciate how professional you are but mostly how diligent you are. I haven’t once felt like I fell through the cracks with you. I wish I could say the same about my other vendors. Your follow-through, the quality of your product, the timeliness of delivery and just the overall experience in working with you and your staff has been overwhelmingly exceptional. Thank you for taking such good care of us.

Chris in Kansas City

We just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated how quickly you got your guy out to my house! I'm also very appreciative that you all were willing to break the bill into two parts and submit them so quickly to me. I love your new online payment system too. We will, of course, pass your contact information onto the new owners and we will use you to service the lighting at our new home. Thank you for your high-quality, responsive company-we really appreciate it!

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